Print It Yourself Festival

I’ve been helping out with The Alberta Printmaker’s Society (A/P) and thought I would post about a fun free event that is coming up 0n Sept 30 & Oct 1! The Alberta Printmaker’s Society is hosting their annual Print It Yourself Festival (PIY), this festival is meant to promote printmaking in the Calgary community and is free for everyone.

On Sept 30 A/P will have a table set up in Olympic Plaza from 11am – 2pm. This table will have linoleum plates (both pre carved and blank plates) and styrofoam plates for kids who would also like to get involved. Stop by if you’re around to try a few prints of your own.

On Oct 1 A/P will also be hosting PIY in their studio from 11am – 4pm, this even will also include linoleum and Styrofoam plates. Additionally there will also be pre-shot silkscreens ready to print your own T-shirts.

Be sure to stop by on either day and chat printmaking, try your hand at carving a linocut or silkscreening your own T-shirt! For more information be sure to visit A/P’s website here:

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 7.16.43 PM

PIY promotional image design by Summer Programming Assistant, Andrea Rizzuti



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