Everywhere You Look

I recently had a show in the little print gallery at my school. The show was a mixture of a few things, some older and newer works. The instillations on the walls are Silkscreened Paramecium prints that I cut out and installed. Then there are the two middle prints, one is a mono print and the other is a soft ground etching. I also have a few hand bound books on the shelf on the smaller wall. One of them I posted on here before titled “Cellular Convergence”, which is a combination of hand made paper and silkscreened, etched, and relieved images. The other book is a silkscreened accordion book titled “Malaria.” There are also the two prints on the ends which are apart of a series I’m currently working on about microbes in and around our mouths. One has the images printed directly onto a photo of someone eating chips. The other print is the same photo of someone eating chips but with the microbes printed onto frosted mylar, the viewer is able to move the mylar layers to see the images more clearly. You can see the images from these works and my previous pieces on my website at www.nicoleedmond.weebly.com



Everywhere You Look7ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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